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A Selection of our Beautiful Lifestyle & Timeless Jewelry Pieces

Since the beginning of BEN-ESSE, we’ve made it our ongoing quest to be constantly on the lookout for exquisite items that will inspire our customers to reveal hidden beauty, not just around them in their physical environments, but also within themselves! This was the inspiration and the catalyst for our decision to search long and far and gather a stunning jewelry collection to include eye-catching, funky lifestyle statement pieces, all of which can be found within our website.

We also took an informal poll and realized that, of all the items we collectively kept in our closets, our statement jewelry ranked highly among our most treasured possessions, and was something we would be unlikely to ever donate, sell or even give away to our dear friends! And we strongly suspect that we are also not alone in these feelings. There is just something about the jewelry we acquire over the course of our lives that fosters a stronger sense of connection with us than our clothes do, or even our shoes.

But it’s not too surprising, when you consider how easily it is for bold and vibrant lifestyle jewels to effortlessly transform any outfit from ho-hum to spectacular. It’s really as easy as slipping on a dramatic stingray bracelet in a gorgeous hue, or adding a stunning statement ring or set of sparkling jewel-toned stack rings to adorn and beautify your hands and fingers. Wearing trendy and eye-catching accessories with confidence also shows that you care about every aspect of your entire look and the total impression you make, from head to toe.

It’s not just any concept jewelry that can achieve this effect. At BEN-ESSE we understand the distinction between amazing, high-quality vs. mass produced and run-of-the-mill. We always take the time to carefully source and select only the most elegant and well-made products that matches the vision of confidence and style that we ourselves carry around in our minds, and that we love to help our customers’ project. It’s the perfect combination of bold-yet-understated luxury, sparkle without flashiness, and subdued-yet-rich hues that can instantly project great taste, quality and elegance, all at once.

BEN-ESSE’s eclectic selection is always growing and changing. As quickly as we notice that one of our popular items is running out of stock, we are hustling to find something equally attractive and irresistible to take its place. From the most delicate floral stud earrings to our large selection of bold and dramatic Stingray bracelets and stack rings fashioned from semi-precious stones, we are always seeking out the most current and stunning examples of fashionable trends, both modern and more traditional, with which to tempt our customers.

Please take a moment to set up an account with BEN-ESSE by providing a minimal amount of information. By taking a few minutes to create an account you are ensuring that your BEN-ESSE browsing and shopping experience will be as convenient and pleasant as possible. We’ll be able to target your browsing experience according to you history and preferences and, in addition, checkout and payment will be a breeze. Be assured that BEN-ESSE will always take the necessary precautions to completely ensure your privacy. Any information you share with us will remain absolutely private, and will only ever be accessed to improve and streamline your shopping experience.

We know how disappointing it can be to miss out on an item that’s caught your eye. Even if you see a label on any item you are interested in indicating that it is currently out of stock, please take a moment to contact us through our online chat feature, or by email to, so that we can let you know if that particular piece is expected to become available again any time soon.

As our special gift to you, we are currently offering free worldwide shipping on all lifestyle jewelry online orders! Just click on your cart at any point as you are checking out, and in the bottom left corner, enter the promo code “FREESHIP”. Then simply click “Update Cart”, to take advantage of this incredible time limited offer.

So relax, put your feet up and grab a glass of wine or a coffee as you indulge and immerse yourself in the carefully-curated shopping experience we’ve created for you. We hope you will find something special to buy for yourself, or for a dear friend or beloved family member. Check back often, as we will be constantly replenishing our supply of irresistibly beautiful baubles and trinkets. Whether you decide to make a purchase today or not, we know you will enjoy the time you spend in the beautiful and enchanting world of BEN-ESSE.

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